The Gardner

The beauty of life is its seasons
hang on to grief and to pain
taste it and savor its richness
these trials will be for your gain.

Your radiant beauty resplendent
smelling of honey and rain
tender and delicate petals
that bloom but a moment to wane.

The bees come collecting sweet nectar
eyes of the noble delight
buds that have flowered are beaming
enjoyed for their color so bright.

I know you and what you are born to
dear one your blossoms will fade
bitter accompanies sweetness
yet spring will come ‘gain to the glade.

Though there will be days filled with heartache
strengthening work must go on
pruning and trimming will follow
but soon there will come the bright dawn.

Fear not the oncoming dark winter
tears will be tempered in spring
summer will follow it closely
with nourishing sunbeams to bring.

Your lovely sweet nature will chasten
even the darkest of dreams
shadows will flee from before you
as light bursts in glorious streams.

Take heart!  Be consoled in your goodness
even when fruit is not born
known and remembered the blossoms
your deeds Aglaea’s crown to adorn.

What glories await you my dear one
you are not here for to fail
I will protect you and nourish
till goodness and virtue prevail.






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