Lying in that upstairs bedroom
Window open to the night

Summer air falls heavy like a
Blanket, making sleep difficult.

Ticking clocks give way to dreams,
While the house lay asleep

A glowing moon spills moody light
Casting shadows ‘cross the floor.

Curtains stir – a silent midnight breeze

Moments are stored in memory

Like a stilled clock whose chain
Is left unpulled

Like the stillness of a notion
Half remembered

Like a still life, a bowl
Of fruit or flowers

Memories live on – emotions, colors, smells

Your freshly showered skin, the silence
We shared lying awake lost in
Thought, your breathing even and slow

Only a sheet

Your beauty captured by the moon
I closed my eyes and left the world
Of conscious thought . . .

Creaking floorboards in the hall
Early light rushes in
Brisk salt air welcomes morning

Seals bark in the harbor
Gulls squawk their greedy claims
To fishermen up to meet the sun,

Reminding me that I’ve come home.



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