Devils Club


In these woods
there is Devils Club,

Oplopanax horridus Wikipedia
tells me they are called.
I hear it is edible –
the Fugu of the forest.

I do not trust food that
can harm me in the mere making of it.

I wonder what thoughts crossed the mind
of man to try these devilish delights?

Eve was tempted by an apple the story goes, only a man
could be tempted by the devil’s walking stick.

He probably saw him looking suave in a fedora and cape,
looking something like a young Mick Jagger,
and inquired after his tailor.

The Devil would not give up his secrets, but instead offered
to tell man the key to understanding women.

Unfortunately, the devil is the father of lies;

all man got was the devils cane which
Beelzebub dropped as he walked away
laughing himself silly at man’s foolishness.

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